2016 - Carlos Barbero

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2016 - Carlos Barbero

Bericht van dosphorus op di nov 10, 2015 11:21 am

This year Caja Rural have a better chance than ever to do the Giro d’Italia but the grand tour is not Barbero’s preferred Italian event.

“I'd rather do Milan-San Remo instead of the Giro,” he said. “I am young and it will be enough to do the Vuelta a Espana. The calendar can be too heavy. I would be more excited to get an invitation for San Remo. It's a race that I like and I think I can do well with my characteristics, but first I have to know it. I have to see it and learn more about the distance.”

Being one of the best sprinters, Barbero could get a protected role at the Worlds in Qatar.

“There’s still a long time before that event but every riders, especially with my characteristics, dreams of riding the Worlds. It would be very nice but I need to be selected and be in good condition at that time. Then the coach will make his choice. I will fight for it I am not obsessed.

This year Barbero made his grand tour debut in the Vuelta.

“I know a little more about myself,” he said. “I made ​​an effort of 21 days which I had never done. The body has memory and next year I will have the confidence of this experience.. There was no pressure and I've learned a little more. It is true that I was not able to go for a stage win. I did not have the physical ability. So it's another challenge to overcome next year. It is clear that you always want to give more, even when you win. If you win once, you want to win twice. In the Vuelta there is no doubt that I would have preferred to be in contention for at least one stage. But hey, that has to wait until next year.”

Read more at http://www.cyclingquotes.com/news/is_carlos_barbero_the_next_oscar_freire/#L7buB3XlCoS5XVx8.99


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Re: 2016 - Carlos Barbero

Bericht van Admin op wo nov 11, 2015 9:39 am

Interessante voor het jaarspel.


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